At One Stop Dentistry we love treating children.

Children’s Dentistry is very critical in the growth and development of an individual. Some parents overlook the health of a child’s teeth thinking since children’s teeth are followed by adult teeth, they are not as important as permanent teeth. This is a very wrong belief. Even though deciduous teeth are eventually replaced by permanent teeth, they play an important role in proper growth and development of the facial bones and proper growth of the permanent teeth. Without baby teeth, the jaw will not grow large enough to house the permanent teeth. If a child loses his/her teeth at an early age due to cavities and infections, other teeth will shift and close up the pathway for the proper eruption of permanent teeth.
Children’s dentistry is not just about teeth. There are numerous anomalies and diseases in children which are diagnosed by the dentist. For example, proper growth of the facial structures is dependent on proper airway and breathing.