Dental care for “Special Need” patients requires an extra set of qualifications and experience. Of course, special care patients receive a unique level of care.

We at One Stop Dentistry, are a licensed sedation office to include hospital dentistry privileges since 1995. This special privilege also allows us to care for our special need patients at all levels and ages. Moderately need patients can be treated in our office ordinarily or with minimal sedation. Patients who lack verbal communication and need a great deal of care will be taken to Tacoma General Hospital day surgery and cared for under general anesthesia. A variety of other patients may fall between this area of care according to their individual needs. For most “special need” patients, moderate sedation is conducted in our office.
There are some considerations for special care patients. We always look to take extensive care of all our patients needs while they are under sedation or going through general surgery. We take a precautionary measure in treating all situations.
Please feel free to contact us anytime with all your questions regarding you and your loved ones when it comes to your oral health and wellbeing.