Actual Patient Reviews

Here is what they had to say:

“When I made my first appointment, I cried because I was so afraid. Now with sedation I know I can make it through an appointment without much fear as before. Dr. Norooz and his team are very kind and patient with those who are afraid. It was well worth facing my fear.”  – DV

“Dr. Norooz explained things in simple terms I could understand and was patient and very comforting. My biggest fear at the dentist is needle of any kind. The staff made sure I was very comfortable before any shots. I don’t remember much after the I.V. was given. I went home and slept for 6 hours. I didn’t even need much of the pain medication they provided to me even though I had extensive dental work done. I also loved the fact that Dr. Norooz, not an assistant, called to check on me the night after my surgery! Very impressive!!”  – SD

“Dr. Norooz and his team are great! I haven’t been to the dentist in 5 years because I have been worried about getting shots in my mouth! I finally came in because my teeth were really starting to bug me. When I got to the office the entire team was very nice and attentive towards my needs and Dr. Norooz reassured me that everything will be fine. Everything went great! After the work that they performed on me, there was next to no pain! My mouth feels clean and I feel much better about having a healthy mouth! Definitely going to come back for my twice a year check-ups to keep it clean and healthy! ” – TL

“I have always been scared of the dentist regardless of how nice they seem, but I can honestly say without hesitation that Dr. Norooz is the best! Sedation was the best thing I ever could have done! I have more dental work done ahead of me but now I feel so much more at ease knowing that I can be sedated, wake up and have all my dentistry be done!” – JR

“Like most of you I was freaked out by the dentist. My last visit to the dentist was horrible, need less to say I had no plans to return to the dentist until my crown had come off. From my very first visit I felt very comfortable with his whole team! I got all my dental needs done in one day which was awesome!” – CM

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