Oral/IV Sedation

Have you considered sleep dentistry? 

For many patients, the dentist can be a stressful place. Sedation dentists can remedy that. If you’ve had a bad experience, suffer from procedural anxiety, or simply dislike dental procedures—we can help. With sedation dentistry at One Stop Dentistry in Tacoma, your dental stress is a thing of the past. 

Dr. Norooz has practiced sedation dentistry since 2004. He sees a major difference in the experience of patients who switch to sedation from a standard dentist. You can finally have the dental work you’ve been waiting on. Don’t live in discomfort anymore. When you choose Dr. Norooz as your sedation dentist in Tacoma you get exceptional service in a relaxing environment and so much more. 

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry? 

For some procedures, a moderate sedative may be used. These can be administered before or during certain types of dental work. Different methods include inhalation, oral, or intravenous. Deeper sedation, however, works best for the treatment of pain or anxiety. These methods are both very common and quite safe, as dentists around the world use them to help their patients with a variety of complex procedures. 

  • Enjoy high-quality treatment without the stress. Sedation dentistry provides a greater degree of control. Sedation reduces patient movement and eliminates the gag reflex. This can greatly increase the dentist’s ability to perform their work, especially when the patient suffers from dental related anxieties. 
  • Decrease dental office and treatment times. Sedation dentistry services decrease the amount of time you spend in the dentist’s office. This is two-fold. The physical time you spend in-office is reduced. Procedures that previously took multiple visits can be performed in one. With sedation dentistry, the patient often has little memory of the procedure. This makes the visit feel like it’s over as soon as it begins. 
  • Save money without impacting your treatment.Reducing the number of required visits can ease the financial burden on the patient. By finishing a procedure in one sitting instead of two you can save on appointment costs and any associated costs incurred by missing work, child care, or other activities. 

Your Sedation Dentistry Specialist 

Dr. Norroz is a pioneer of Northwest sedation dentistry. He is one of the first dentists to receive sedation accreditation and begin providing it to patients. As a result, he has become one of the area’s most experienced sedation specialist. He knows how to work with patients who may have dental fears, including children and patients with special needs. This has made our clinic an invaluable resource for local parents and caregivers seeking dental services that accommodate them and their loved ones. 

Contact our Tacoma dentist office to schedule your sedation dentistry today. 

We’re proud to provide a relaxed setting and exceptional dental work. With an environment designed around comfort, a team that truly cares about you, and the area’s leading sedation dentist, you’re in great hands. For friendly, comfortable sedation dentistry in Tacoma that will change the way you experience dental appointments call or contact our office today, located in the bustling stadium district near the Kaiser Tacoma Medical Center on MLK Jr. Way.