How much do crowns cost?

It is rather difficult to exactly pinpoint how much an operation/procedure may cost simply because quite often we get to unforeseeable situations and in this case prices may vary. Our office has a standard fee list that follows customary fees and we take pride in what we charge for all of our services.

What does One Dentist, One Day, One Stop actually mean?

Exactly what it says in the title is what we do! Dr. Norooz has been a solo practice for over 28+ years and takes pride in accomplishing full mouth reconstructions in one day. At One stop we take in consideration that the dental office is not the most favorite place for people to come; so, we practice gentle dentistry. We do this but offering several options: IV sedation, conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. Every case is different, and we try to accommodate as needed.

What are the Doctors favorite procedures to perform?

Dr. Norooz would not like to pinpoint his favorite procedures because he is very passionate about each procedure and his fine work!! Dental procedures are taken very seriously in our dental office no matter what they are or who they are being performed on.

Does the office work with patients with insurance?

Yes, we absolutely do! We partner with Delta Dental to include many other plans. At this time, we are not accepting state dental plans. However, in an effort to support our community, we offer our patient’s options to take care of their dental needs/wants. We accept all major credit cards, offer discounts for those who pay cash and the opportunity to apply for a line of credit through CareCredit.  

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