Root canal treatments are the most reliable way to save a tooth from extraction.

At One Stop Dentistry we have successfully completed thousands of root canal treatments. This is tantamount to thousands of teeth saved for years and decades after treatments completed. Root canal treatments are safe and reliable when they are done properly.

“Toothache” is one of the most intense and daring pains one could experience. For the most part, when a dental cavity enlarges enough to reach nerve section of a tooth it causes swelling of the nerve area. This swelling and its resulting pressure on the tooth’s nerve is translated to a toothache. When the nerve swelling and damage is in the tooth (pulpitis), root canal treatment is the only way to save the tooth from being lost forever. Extraction is the only alternative to the root canal treatment.
Root canals are notorious for being painful. There are numerous ways to reduce or eliminate pain of a root canal treatment. The pain of an infected tooth is greater than the potential pain of a root canal treatment.