Special Need Patients

Dental care for “special needs” patients are required an extra set of qualifications and experience. Of course special care patients are at different care levels.

Since we are a licensed sedation office and have hospital dentistry privileges since 1995, we can care for “special needs” people at all levels and ages. Some special need patients are at minimal need levels. This group of patients could be treated in our office ordinarily or with minimal sedation. Patients who are not verbal and are in need of great deal of care will be taken to Tacoma General Hospital day surgery and cared for under general anesthesia. Rest of the patients who are somewhat in between are cared for according to their individual need. For most of “special needs” patients’ moderate sedation in our office is suitable.

There are some considerations for “special care” patients. We will try to take care of all of the patient’s needs while they are under sedation or general surgery. Also we take a precautionary measure in treating any situation which may lead to a problem later on.

Please feel free to contact us. We feel for you and can help your loved one.